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  • A weekly technical article on key aspects you need to know, loaded with information, references, links, suggestions, videos and more
  • Exclusive downloads providing you with sample forms & documents
  • Invitation to a Technical Webinar hosted by Food Focus, featuring local experts on the subject of HACCP implementation, who will answer your questions and concerns.
  • Video recording of the webinar so you can listen to it when you need it.
  • Answers to your questions, published in a FAQ document updated regularly - think of this as your virtual food safety advisor (and not it’s just us - we don’t profess to know it all, but we know the people who do.)
  • Introductions to service providers listed with Food Focus, who can support your HACCP plans.




Topics covered

Step 1:  Your PRP’s – are they good enough. How to verify and improve your PRP’s?

Step 2: Do you have the right team and do they have the right tools for the job – Codex HACCP Step 1-5

Step 3:  Analysing your hazards – what and how

Step 4:  How to control your hazards – CCP’s and more

Step 5:  Validation – knowing the controls will and do work

Step 6:  Implementing the HACCP plan

Step 7:  Master class – watch out for these pitfalls

Step 8:  Dot the I’s & cross the T’s – your food safety management system documentation

Step 9:  Internal auditing – ready or not

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